Wednesday, October 8, 2014 0 comments

this my newest project...not really new, i was starting this biz since last august(2014)
i challenge my self to do this biz actually, done this with my friend...that y ths biz name inspired by DEVO name...u guys can go n visit our instagram account ---> @chocolatefountainpackage

a lot of things that i miss to tell about in this forum(i call my blog forum)
to much happening in my life,tht i could not drive my fingers to write in this page.
somehow,the reason i start writing again bcos i feel like i dont hav anyone tht i can rely on

My dad pass away one year ago due to something relate to heart attack which im not really sure wht the disease are called.
tht time,i was really sad n almost lost my self bcos,something happen where,i kinda prefer not to tell, even if i tell it going to be complicated. :)
over the time.i start gaining my old self... laughing, enjoying n sleep really well.
btw,i fail 2 out of 3 paper i attempt in june 2014..
i'm really frustrated..yeah! i am...i cant graduate as fast as my other friends..